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Inspiration for new Blue Maya Designs

Almost on the road again

Spring is here in New England and I have been stitching for the last three months.

I can’t wait to be in New Orleans for the Jazz Festival April 27-29.

Going back to Nola

I am almost ready to head down south to Nola and the Jazz and Heritage Festival. I will be exhibiting my new work in Contemporary Crafts Tent K for the first week-end April27-29. Please come by and say hi if you come to the festival.

On the road again

I have turned off my old sewing machine and will be giving it a rest for a few weeks. We fly out of Boston tomorrow afternoon for New Orleans (our old home town) . Read more

Up close and personal

Neil has been taking close ups of my machine while I work. I want to share them with ya’ll. We are counting down to departure for New Orleans on the 30th of  April. Read more

The Emperor and the Butterfly

We’re up and running here in New Bedford. From my 3rd floor studio windows I see the beautiful Acushnet River and east to Fairhaven. Its mostly wild and undeveloped over there, unlike our side, with all its century old brick mills, that go for blocks and blocks. Read more

shopping cart is live

Blue Maya Designs is proud to bring you our new shopping cart. I’ll be adding more bags and products as we go, and some of them will be limited editions. I’m excited about this. Read more

carrying on with blue

Back to blue… tonight while cooking a curry, I was listening to music and thinking of  bluebirds. Read more