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about blue maya


Why have I named my business Blue Maya?  Blue has always been my favorite color and the name Maya comes from my one and only daughter who is  an inspiration to me.  She is a designer and lives and works in New York city.

I have been collecting paper ephemera for most of my life and storing it away in little boxes and carrying it with me  as I go. I have also been sewing and making gifts for friends and family most of my life. My current motto in life is “to use what you have”, so I am opening up all the collections and sharing them in my collages that end up somewhere in a design on one of my handbags.

Each Blue Maya bag is unique and made from a variety of antique ephemera and custom fine art papers. The design is inpired by the background paper and the collaged art work. A variety of natural fabrics are used for the lining in each bag. In each handbag I put a little surprise inside  so that when you open your bag it will be just as pretty inside as it is outside. The trims are individually designed to match the overall theme and color. I search far and wide for interesting trims and ribbons to make each design one of a kind. I even use antique bits of fabric that have been part of my collections.

How they’re made…

The bags are made of two pieces of clear vinyl with a background of beautiful fine art paper. The cut and collaged design is laid upon the paper and then appliqued into place betwen the vinyl. All the trim is hand picked to accent the design, as is the interior lining of the bags which are composed of natural fabrics.

The beauty and delicacy of the bags, however, can be found in the details!  I  pull the design together by sewing the outline of the flowers, or the butterflies, or whichever element that I feel needs to be accented. To me the top-stitching is the icing on the cake, (and thats no King cake darling). The more I add to the design the prettier it becomes.