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carrying on with blue


Back to blue… tonight while cooking a curry, I was listening to music and thinking of  bluebirds. I began to wonder about  songs that  had been written with bluebirds as the subject?

I came up with three quickly: the Beach Boys with “bluebirds over the mountains, seagulls over the sea.

E.Y. Harburg with “somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly”

Neil Young with “beautiful bluebird see how  she flies, looks like she’s always going home, if heaven had a window where the sun came shining through like a beautiful bluebird I’d come flying back to you”

And in closing another Neil Young song came to mind that had the word blue and bird included “blue blue windows behind the stars, yellow moon on the rise, big birds flying across the sky”

Enough about blue and bluebirds. I will be carrying on with blue… at a later date.



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