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The Emperor and the Butterfly


We’re up and running here in New Bedford. From my 3rd floor studio windows I see the beautiful Acushnet River and east to Fairhaven. Its mostly wild and undeveloped over there, unlike our side, with all its century old brick mills, that go for blocks and blocks. I’ve a wonderful perch up here to watch spring come. Who has time to look out the window though? Lovely stories are being woven with gold thread, paper and silk.

I just tooled up my oldest of Singer sewing machines, to help in the production of my new work. Wow, its like an old friend gone missing for awhile. I’m so happy to have her back. She was made in 1910 and is purring like a happy cat.

Neil has been taking photographs of everything in process. Keep checking in because we’re going to be showing glimpses of  whats coming on the road with us to Nola (second week-end). I’ll be in Tent G Contemporary Crafts. Come by and say hi.

2011 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.



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